At J&M Tank Lines, Inc., nearly 85% of our jobs are local. We strive to provide an environment where our drivers are home each night with their families — no long, OTR trips that require you to be gone for weeks at a time. The other 15% of our jobs we consider OTR “lite,” where our drivers will be gone 3-4 days a week.

Of course, if situations or job responsibilities require you to be gone for long periods, we’re committed to providing you everything you need to succeed.


Choosing a locally-focused trucking or tanking company allows you to see your family each night and have a social life. Additionally, most local CDL drivers receive a myriad of benefits, including health and dental insurance, as well as a 401k (and sometimes more).

Work/Life Balance

Because local drivers are home after every shift, they’re able to see their families and partake in their hobbies. Drivers can enjoy sleeping in their own beds and enjoy home-cooked meals with the people they love. A local trucking opportunity affords a freedom that many OTR drivers would appreciate.

Better Health

One of the hidden perks of driving locally is the opportunity to maintain an active lifestyle. Local jobs typically require drivers to load and unload freight, which results in consistent physical activity. Over time, these jobs will provide more health benefits to drivers than jobs that require significant amounts of time behind the wheel.

Local drivers make stops throughout their workday and reap the benefits of physical exercise, which leads to a healthier lifestyle overall.

We all know that sitting for long periods can lead to poorer health.

Better Company Relations

At J&M, our drivers aren’t numbers, they’re real people with real stories. Because our drivers clock in and out each day, they build relationships with us through in-person, daily contact. This environment encourages a close-knit relationship, where we build trust in our drivers (and vice versa) and know their personal and professional development intimately.

We get to know our drivers. Unlike other competitors, we host interoffice events, including potlucks and luncheons, for our drivers to enjoy and connect with our culture and team members.


Ultimately, choosing between driving locally or OTR depends on your unique lifestyle, there are numerous benefits for choosing local.

With driving locally, you’re not negotiating your drive with your home/personal life. You return home each night — with seldom overnight job responsibilities.

Your health also benefits from the increased physical activity. As part of driving locally, you’re able to stretch your muscles more often (and won’t suffer from extensive periods of sitting).

Lastly, as a local driver, you’ll build more close-knit, intimate relationships with your employer. As a member of the J&M team, you’ll feel a part of the family and are welcomed and appreciated as a person — never just a number.

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