As a leader in transportation in the Southeast, we do more than just get from Point A to B. Our specialized truckers transport all types of shipments, including commodities transport, food grade shipping and liquid bulk solutions. We take pride in being the best at what we ship no matter the material or timeline.


J&M provides a variety of programs designed to link our partners with the resources they need to be stand out in today’s global economy.

Of course, we have specialties in commodities, food grade materials and liquid bulk. We have a fleet of trucks and tanks that are capable of handling whatever resource you need shipped. We operate 550 pneumatic tanks, 50 food grade tanks and 25 flatbeds, so whatever you need shipped, we can do it — safely and efficiently.


At J&M, we handle commodity transportation. Commodities, or raw goods and materials, can include agricultural products, fuels and metals. At J&M, we ship lime, calcium carbonate, cement, sand, and much more.

Our specialized tanks and beds are capable of handling industrial grade products so our customers can feel confident they’re receiving top-of-the-line service for their resources. We can also handle smaller quantities of goods that can be palletised and placed on a flatbed.


Unlike other commodities, food-grade products require specialized containers and equipment to ensure the integrity of the food throughout the entire transportation process. These specialized tanks must have never transported toxic chemicals or products and must be a special grade of container.

J&M has 50 food grade tanks, designed to move food products securely. When it comes to shipping food-grade products, we’re focused on being your perfect partner.


Whether it’s gasoline, cooking oil, or natural gas, we have solutions for your liquid bulk needs. We have over seven decades of experience and over 550 pneumatic tanks to handle whatever you need transported, with no problem. Our team of drivers can deliver these bulk goods throughout the Southeast and nationally.


For over 70 years, J&M has been a leader in bulk transport. There is very little we haven’t seen, and we’re more than confident we can transport whatever you throw at us. Our specializations in commodity transport, food grade shipping and liquid bulk solutions proves we have a broad range of transportation options.

Plus, we recruit only the best drivers in the industry (and reward them accordingly) to ensure our partners receive their products in the most efficient and safest way possible. Our standard of excellence extends to our transportation programs, and we work hard to provide our network of partners and drivers with the resources they need to thrive.


J&M Tank Lines has been a leader in transportation for 70 years in the Southeast with terminals in Alabama, Georgia, Indiana, Maryland, South Carolina and Texas. We provide high-caliber truck driving solutions locally and nationally and partner with SmartWay, American Trucking Association (ATA) and many more! Contact us or call us at 205-798-9988 to learn more today.