It’s a privilege to be surrounded by an amazing team of drivers who work hard to keep J&M the leader in transportation in the Southeast. We wouldn’t be where we are without the talents and get-it-done spirit our drivers possess.


Danny Headley is one of our top drivers with years of experience in commercial driving for J&M and other local companies. We called Danny to discuss his background and why he loves driving for J&M.


February 12th, 2019, will be Danny’s 10th year with J&M Tank Lines, he says. Before that he worked on-and-off jobs in Calera, where he lives, for a “year or two years max.” However, something clicked with J&M.

“I love the go, go, go,” Danny says, “there’s never really a dull moment.”

Particularly, he loves the lack of micromanaging. A father of two, Danny is able to take time off to see his daughter graduate, go to prom, and also be there for the development of his 5-year-old daughter — without feeling like he’s being watched or made to feel bad for taking off.


Unlike prior trucking companies that made Danny “feel like a number,” J&M works hard to show Danny that he’s appreciated through interoffice events, like potlucks and luncheons. He’s encouraged to bring his family to events.

“It’s a great company for a family to work for,” says Danny. “They work around you and your life.”

Of course, he says, the benefits are great, too. He receives health and dental insurance, vacation and sick leave — all benefits that aren’t always afforded to other local trucking operations.

Plus, with J&M, he’s able to work hard and get compensated accordingly. Because J&M has a standard of excellence for their drivers, he understands that he represents some of the best in the industry in the Southeast. “You can make the money you want to make if you work hard,” he says.

Since 85% of our jobs are local, Danny is able to get compensated for his hard work while seeing his family regularly. It’s a win-win in his book.


It boils down to respect, Danny says. “You treat them with respect, and they treat you with respect back.” At the end of the day, he says he feels like he’s seen as a person.

“They’re an easy-going company. As long as you do your work and you get along with everyone and treat them with respect, you’re good to go.”


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