Are you considering driving a truck for a living? If so, you may be curious about how truck drivers maintain a proper diet while they are out on the road. Below, we discuss the best strategy truck drivers use to stay healthy and alert. 


One of the biggest challenges truck drivers face is maintaining a healthy diet. As a truck driver, you spend a lot of time sitting down, and you don’t have easy access to a lot of healthy food options. Fueling stations are stocked with discounted junk food and sodas, but they offer very few nutritious options. Truck drivers have to employ unique eating strategies while on the job to ensure they are getting the nutrition they need. 


The best strategy truckers use to stay healthy is to plan and prepare their meals to take with them on the road. Not only will this ensure you are getting good nutrition, but it can save you a lot of time and money. Cook the food you like to eat, following any guidelines from your doctor if you have any, and put it in containers to take with you. 

Local drivers might prepare meals the night before, and some long-haul drivers prepare meals for their entire haul all at once and keep them in a fridge in their cab. Prepared meals can be reheated at a fueling station or in a portable oven or crock-pot that you can plug into the charge port in the cab.  

There are many sites on the internet that have tips for preparing healthy meals. Don’t fall for diet fads filled with foods you don’t like and won’t eat; the most important thing about this strategy is that you eat the food you want while controlling how much fat, sugar, and salt goes into your diet. 

One tip drivers give for preparing nutritious meals is to “eat the rainbow,” making sure you get a variety of fruits and vegetables in your diet by eating foods of different colors: red apples, green spinach, yellow bananas, red bell peppers, etc. 


Many truck drivers feel inclined to drink a lot of sugar-filled sodas when they are on the road. It is a misconception that these types of drinks will provide you with more energy. Sugary soda can cause increased fatigue after the initial surge of energy quickly wears off. Try to choose water as often as possible – hydration is essential to health and staying alert. 

Fast food is probably the hardest thing for truckers to avoid, as most gas stations offer high-calorie fried foods that are quick to prepare and easy to eat. You may not always be able to pack a lunch or make your own meals for your time on the road, and when that happens, it is crucial that you select the healthiest option available as often as you can, even if it means taking a little bit more time to eat. 


It is in the best interest of a trucking company to keep their drivers healthy and alert. Not only because it helps with safety and insurance expenses, but it also provides an opportunity to continue building relationships. A consistent and nutritious diet goes a long way to lessening fatigue and lethargy to help keep drivers healthy. Smart eating choices at J&M means our drivers are able to stay part of our strong, growing family for much longer and retire home to their families. 


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