End of Summer Wrap-Up

July and August have sent encouraging vibes throughout J&M Tank Lines as the summer season begins to wind down. While COVID-19 is still present across the country, proper PPE has shown its effectiveness in protecting against the virus and helping to keep our J&M family healthy. As companies continue to open back up, freight opportunities are also increasing – giving companies like J&M potential for additional growth. Catch a summer re-cap of everything J&M below.


The American Trucking Association (ATA) selected 10 drivers to attend the Salute to America at the White House in Washington D.C. on the 4th of July. J&M’s Darrien Henderson from Mobile, AL was one of those invited. Henderson and his wife traveled to D.C. for the festivities and were featured in Bulk Transport’s Article.

Vice President of Safety and Compliance, Dave Edmondson, was invited to be part of this year’s FMCSA Virtual Trucking Safety Summit. Edmondson, along with several other industry professionals, spoke on challenges facing the industry and some ways to overcome such challenges.


We are happy to welcome Chris Bryan as our new Business Development Manager. Bryan has over 14 years of experience in the tank truck industry and experience in both the shipper and carrier side of the industry. We look forward to the strengthening of current customer relations and the building of new ones as we keep J&M moving forward.

Nominations for the Truckload Carrier Associations Best Fleets to Drive for are in and J&M has made the list! This is our first year to be nominated and we are excited to take on this journey. This nomination could not have taken place without the dedication and hard work of our employees. Thank you!

This year’s pandemic has forced several companies and organizations to change, cancel or post-pone events that are usually held in-person. J&M’s Managers Meeting was no different. What typically is a two-day in-person event filled with travel for terminal and shop managers, terminal overviews, evaluations, team bonding and state of the company discussions – turned into a virtual version.

With the use of Microsoft Teams, video conference calls were possible to provide some face-to-face interactions, while complying with social distancing. The comradery portions were greatly missed, however other opportunities for more in-depth reporting and reviews were made possible.

Adjusting to a new normal is never simple and certainly has its challenges. The J&M family has shown is flexibility and willingness to adapt to changes as they come. No one knows what the future holds, but we are confident in the abilities of our employees and the services we provide to keep J&M and our industry moving forward.