Recruitment Success Story

It is rare to find potential employee and employer stories such as Robert P. and J&M these days. There is a high demand for professional drivers throughout the industry, if one company is not a fit or requirements do not match up, there are hundreds of other options for that driver to choose from. Usually, phone calls wrap up with “Please reach back out…” or “I’ll give you a call when…” and you never hear from them again. Not in this case. Robert knew he wanted to work for J&M and stayed in communication with his recruiter, Rachel, for several months to make that happen.

In October 2020, Robert first applied for J&M, but fell short to meet our experience requirement. He knew he wanted to be a part of the J&M family, so he took a position with a competitor to gain the necessary experience he was missing.

Jump forward to February 2021, Robert reached out to Rachel, but again fell short to meet our experience requirements. Some additional discussion about the position and encouragement to keep in contact helped Robert to stay confident in his choice to work for J&M.

Finally, in March 2021, Robert reached J&M’s experience requirement and Rachel was able to start processing his application. After long period of waiting, approval from our Safety department, completing orientation and training; Robert is now representing J&M in our famous orange trucks.

We are proud to have so many dedicated and loyal professional drivers here at J&M. Stories like this prove that building strong relationships and communicating well from the very beginning allows all of us to be successful! Robert, we are so glad to finally have you as part of the J&M Family and we look forward to a long relationship!