New Year, New Van

J&M is well-known in the industry for our signature orange trucks with chrome accents and a white stripe that runs from the side of the hood, across the door and to the back of the cab. In 2013 our orientation van, the “Mobile Training Unit”, was designed to replicate that of our trucks. A J&M orange van with a white stripe along both sides was branded to maximum capacity to prevent any confusion about who we are. When that orange van pulled up, you knew a group of elite drivers was pulling up with it.

That iconic orange van served J&M and an estimated 2,000 drivers, in their career as they joined the prestigious tank truck industry. If the walls of that van could talk, we suspect it would speak volumes to the knowledge its many passengers held, stories of “back in the day” as well as the ups and downs that come with trucking. Many will remember the van’s primary operator, Keith Wisener, who served J&M as a Professional Driver, Driver Trainer, Orientation Instructor and Director of Driver Training before his retirement in 2021.

After eight years of service to J&M, the orange van was laid to rest in 2021. While we will miss the unmistakable presence of this orange van, we will forever carry the many memories that were made with it.

2022, kicked off with a bang as we upgraded to a new orientation van to keep our new drivers riding comfortably and in style. This new van is branded with J&M’s circle logo and can seat 14 people comfortably. We have high hopes this new van can make just as many, if not more, memories as J&M continues to grow and bring on some of the industry’s finest drivers. While we may have a new van, we will maintain our reputation of the quality drivers it holds while in orientation.

Make sure to give us a wave if you see us out on the road!