J&M is well-known in the industry for our signature orange trucks with chrome accents and a white stripe that runs from the side of the hood, across the door and to the back of the cab. In 2013 our orientation van, the “Mobile Training Unit”, was designed to replicate that of our trucks. A J&M orange van with a white stripe along both sides was branded to maximum capacity to prevent any confusion about who we are. When that orange van pulled up, you knew a group of elite drivers was pulling up with it.

That iconic orange van served J&M and an estimated 2,000 drivers, in their career as they joined the prestigious tank truck industry. If the walls of that van could talk, we suspect it would speak volumes to the knowledge its many passengers held, stories of “back in the day” as well as the ups and downs that come with trucking. Many will remember the van’s primary operator, Keith Wisener, who served J&M as a Professional Driver, Driver Trainer, Orientation Instructor and Director of Driver Training before his retirement in 2021.

After eight years of service to J&M, the orange van was laid to rest in 2021. While we will miss the unmistakable presence of this orange van, we will forever carry the many memories that were made with it.

2022, kicked off with a bang as we upgraded to a new orientation van to keep our new drivers riding comfortably and in style. This new van is branded with J&M’s circle logo and can seat 14 people comfortably. We have high hopes this new van can make just as many, if not more, memories as J&M continues to grow and bring on some of the industry’s finest drivers. While we may have a new van, we will maintain our reputation of the quality drivers it holds while in orientation.

Make sure to give us a wave if you see us out on the road!

America’s Road Team

January 18, the American Trucking Associations announced 22 professional truck drivers who will be 2022-2023 America’s Road Team Captains. This
is a group of professional truck drivers with superior safety records. They will speak at schools, attend industry events, or meet policymakers on behalf of the trucking industry. This year’s class includes drivers from 13 companies, 17 states, and drivers with more than 564 years of experience and 45,774,455 miles of accident-free driving. Among the group was J&M’s own, Darrien Henderson, out of Mobile, AL. It is a great honor for J&M to support Darrien as he travels the country in ATA’s Interstate One Image Truck. Below are 2022-2023 America’s Road Team captians. Click the link below the picture to meet the captains!


2022 Managers Meeting

J&M was able to hold our annual Managers Meeting in-person after two years apart from COVID-19. It was great to see everyone after some very challenging years.

Friday night, employees were invited to Civil Axe, where new and existing employees were able to network and challenge each other in axe throwing.

Saturday, managers and office staff heard from our CEO and executive team in relation to the company’s goals for 2022, and our plans to reach them.

Lutzie 43 Partnership

Saturday during the managers meeting, the group heard from guest speaker Mike Lutzenkirchen of Lutzie 43 organization. J&M is patnering with Lutzie 43 to end distracted driving. We are looking forward to this partnership and all that 2022 will hold.

To learn more about Lutzie 43 and it’s mission visit: https://lutzie43.org

This year is off to a busy start for J&M, as more business opportunities arise and other industry challenges come to light. The pandemic has created challenges; however, the Trucking Industry is as essential as ever. Check out all things J&M and Industry related from Quarter 1.

Referral Contest

The need for quality drivers is as high as ever, so J&M reached out to our top recruitment source to help fill our needs. On top of our existing Referral Bonus Program, which pays up to $2,000 per hired referral, J&M opened a contest over 90 days for one lucky driver to receive the normal referral bonus pay-out as well as a J&M Die Cast Truck and $1,500 toward a vacation of their choosing.

The contest opened in December 2020 and closed in February 2021 with the winner announced via Facebook on February 16.

During this 90-day period, any J&M driver who referred another driver, who is hired, had their name placed into a drawing for the J&M Die Cast Truck and $1,500 toward the vacation of their choice. There was no limit to the number of referrals, thus the more referrals a J&M driver provided, the more chances they had to win!

On February 16, two of our Driver Recruiters named the Referral Contest Winner, Taryl T. of our Americus terminal. Taryl received the sought-after J&M Die Cast Truck and $1,500 toward a family vacation he plans to take this summer.

Congratulations Taryl!

Wreaths Across America – Mobile Education Exhibit

J&M Tank Lines is honored to participate in Wreaths Across America since 2018 with a custom 53-foot trailer specific to the cause. Each year a J&M Driver is selected out of a group of volunteers to make the wreath deliver on behalf of J&M.

Following Wreaths Across America Day in December 2020, J&M had the pleasure to host the Wreaths Across America Mobile Education Exhibit in February 2021 at our Corporate Office in Birmingham, AL.

Each year Wreaths Across America Representatives Stefan and Jennifer, travel the country spreading word of their organization and its message to REMEMBER. HONOR. TEACH. They attend a variety of private, local, state and nationally held events year-round with audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

Their visit provided J&M employees with the opportunity to learn more about the Wreaths Across America organization and thank those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for this country.

To learn more about Wreaths Across America or have the Mobile Education Exhibit come to your event, click here.

Drive Safe Act – Truck Driver Shortage & The Next Generation

America’s Truck Driver shortage has made national media coverage over the last few years, and we are now seeing the economic impact of what this means to civilians. A group of bipartisan legislators have introduced the DRIVE Safe Act to the U.S. House and Senate, which would expand industry opportunities for younger industry professionals.

Previously, 49 states allowed for individuals under the age of 21 to operate a Commercial Vehicle with a Commercial Driver’s License, Federal law limited these drivers to operate within state lines of which their license was provided.

The DRIVE Safe Act would allow CDL holders who are permitted to drive intrastate, to participate in an apprenticeship program, created to help master interstate driving while promoting increased safety training for the upcoming workforce.

To learn more about the DRIVE Safe Act and other industry news, click here.

Are you considering driving a truck for a living? If so, you may be curious about how truck drivers maintain a proper diet while they are out on the road. Below, we discuss the best strategy truck drivers use to stay healthy and alert. 


One of the biggest challenges truck drivers face is maintaining a healthy diet. As a truck driver, you spend a lot of time sitting down, and you don’t have easy access to a lot of healthy food options. Fueling stations are stocked with discounted junk food and sodas, but they offer very few nutritious options. Truck drivers have to employ unique eating strategies while on the job to ensure they are getting the nutrition they need. 


The best strategy truckers use to stay healthy is to plan and prepare their meals to take with them on the road. Not only will this ensure you are getting good nutrition, but it can save you a lot of time and money. Cook the food you like to eat, following any guidelines from your doctor if you have any, and put it in containers to take with you. 

Local drivers might prepare meals the night before, and some long-haul drivers prepare meals for their entire haul all at once and keep them in a fridge in their cab. Prepared meals can be reheated at a fueling station or in a portable oven or crock-pot that you can plug into the charge port in the cab.  

There are many sites on the internet that have tips for preparing healthy meals. Don’t fall for diet fads filled with foods you don’t like and won’t eat; the most important thing about this strategy is that you eat the food you want while controlling how much fat, sugar, and salt goes into your diet. 

One tip drivers give for preparing nutritious meals is to “eat the rainbow,” making sure you get a variety of fruits and vegetables in your diet by eating foods of different colors: red apples, green spinach, yellow bananas, red bell peppers, etc. 


Many truck drivers feel inclined to drink a lot of sugar-filled sodas when they are on the road. It is a misconception that these types of drinks will provide you with more energy. Sugary soda can cause increased fatigue after the initial surge of energy quickly wears off. Try to choose water as often as possible – hydration is essential to health and staying alert. 

Fast food is probably the hardest thing for truckers to avoid, as most gas stations offer high-calorie fried foods that are quick to prepare and easy to eat. You may not always be able to pack a lunch or make your own meals for your time on the road, and when that happens, it is crucial that you select the healthiest option available as often as you can, even if it means taking a little bit more time to eat. 


It is in the best interest of a trucking company to keep their drivers healthy and alert. Not only because it helps with safety and insurance expenses, but it also provides an opportunity to continue building relationships. A consistent and nutritious diet goes a long way to lessening fatigue and lethargy to help keep drivers healthy. Smart eating choices at J&M means our drivers are able to stay part of our strong, growing family for much longer and retire home to their families. 


J&M Tank Lines has been a leader in transportation for 70 years in the Southeast with terminals in Alabama, Georgia, Indiana, Maryland, South Carolina, and Texas. We provide high-caliber truck driving solutions locally and nationally and partner with SmartWay, American Trucking Association (ATA) and many more! Contact us or call us at 205-798-9988 to learn more today.

Are you worried that your tank line job is going to be hard on your relationships? Well, any trucker will tell you that it is not an easy road (pun intended). Many truck drivers struggle with balancing work and their personal lives, but there are also many truckers who have thriving marriages and family lives; It just takes a bit of creativity and effort. 

Below, we discuss some tips on how to maintain a happy relationship as a truck driver.


Anywhere you find truckers or their spouses discussing their relationships online, you hear the same problems. Truck drivers are lonely and feel like they are missing out on important parts of their lives, and trucker spouses feel stuck with all of the hard work of maintaining life at home all by themselves. No matter what you are dealing with in your relationship, keep in mind that you are not alone. 

There is no one answer to how to have a happy relationship, but you can find a lot of advice and tips online at sites like Roadmaster.com and Smart-trucking.com. These are also great sites to visit if you need to talk to other people dealing with the same things you are. 

A lot of truckers find it useful to connect through online forums about the things they are going through. You might also consider contacting a therapist who understands the nuances of trucker life, like Buck Black, to help you with your relationships. Just remember, it is not impossible to have a happy relationship and make great money driving a truck; you just have to work a little harder at it sometimes. 


Many long-haul truckers have precious little time to be with the people they love. Also, when they are home, it is difficult to shed the role of a trucker and become what they need to be for the people around them. Truck drivers dwell on the stresses experienced on the road, and some truckers spend time off fixing their rigs, balancing the books, and doing anything other than focus on their relationships.  

Smart Trucking emphasizes the importance of planning alone time, like a date night, and maximizing the time you have together: “Setting aside time to spend with your partner shows them that you choose to be with them […] set aside special time to be with them without distractions.” 

It’s all about quality over quantity and making those moments you have together meaningful. 

Roadmaster suggests that you focus on being positive and try changing your perspective about certain things. For example, if you can’t be there for Valentine’s Day, “make plans to celebrate it the next time you’re home […] stop looking at it like some ‘big day’ and put a positive spin on it instead.” Think about it like you are “celebrating your relationship on your own special day for just the two of you.” 


It is essential to try and keep in touch every day. Smart-trucking.com strongly encourages drivers to text, call, or facetime with their family or significant other at least once per day. Just let them know you are thinking about them. 

Some drivers come home after a long haul with so much stress built up from their time on the road. When you back from something like that, the first thing you want to do is vent your frustrations. It is good to talk about the things that are bothering you, but make sure you don’t take it out on your partner and avoid blaming each other. 

Communication in a relationship is more than just keeping in touch. You also need to be aware of how you are talking and listening to each other. For a relationship to be successful, you have to be honest and mindful of the other person and how they feel. 

Keep in mind that your partner has been working hard as well. Make sure you listen to and validate each other’s concerns and find compromises whenever you can. 


You’re thinking, “Yeah, right.” It may seem impossible to avoid an argument when you and your significant other have so much pent up frustration, and it may be. The thing to remember is that arguments are natural, and they are going to happen in any relationship.

Smart Trucking suggests that when you feel frustrated, “reassure [your partner] it is not their fault and that you don’t feel any different about them because you’re upset.” They also suggest that you find an outlet to engage in so you can get your stress out. 

Smart Trucking also mentions that it is crucial that you try and direct arguments into constructive conversations. Be open and honest with your spouse and remember that both partners are suffering from “loneliness and feeling unappreciated because neither spouse is there to experience or support their partner during tough days […] when the distance is felt the most.” Understanding each other is the first step to compromise, and you will need to find compromises as often as you can. 

Be honest about how you feel, but don’t blame each other. Listen and pay attention to how you both feel. Keep communication open and be prepared to be wrong sometimes. 


Everyone in a serious relationship knows that trust is essential to maintaining happiness. If you can’t trust your partner, then you aren’t going to be able to get through tough times together. For some people, building and keeping trust can be difficult, but this may be especially true for truckers. 

You spend so much time apart when you are on the road, and this can trigger underlying trust issues that may already exist in the relationship. If you communicate your feelings often, you can avoid a lot of problems with trust, but it is also necessary to set boundaries and allow the other person to have some privacy. 

Show each other that you trust one another and honestly address your concerns through discussion. Always reassure your partner about how important they are to you. 


To keep a happy relationship as a truck driver, you have to get creative. Roadmaster.com suggests that you help out at home as much as you can when you are off the road and when you are on a long haul. With new technology, it is easy to call in help for when things get stressful at home. For example, if your spouse calls about a broken toilet, you can talk them through how to do the repairs. If you aren’t able to do this, then you can call in a plumber from afar. 

Apps like FaceTime allow you to participate in discussions with children who need to be disciplined. However, we all know that as great as technology has become, there are still dead zones where we cannot reach the ones we love, making it all the more essential that you get that time in as much as you can. 

Try hiding little gifts or heartfelt notes to be found later. This way, you remind each other how much you care, and a gesture like this helps you feel close even when you are not together in the same space. 


In the end, it all comes down to how much effort you are willing to put into a relationship. If your trucking job starts putting too much stress on your relationship, some trucking companies have local driving opportunities where you can spend time at home almost every night. 

The great thing about driving for J&M Tank Lines is that you get so much more time at home. Even long-haul drivers at J&M get to spend more time at home than at just about any other company out there. We want our truck drivers to have a happy home life. With our company, when you leave the cab of your truck, you get to leave the worries of the road behind you. We take care of maintenance and all of the business side of trucking so you can focus on being there for the people you love. 


J&M Tank Lines has been a leader in transportation for 70 years in the Southeast with terminals in Alabama, Georgia, Indiana, Maryland, South Carolina, and Texas. We provide high-caliber truck driving solutions locally and nationally and partner with SmartWay, American Trucking Association (ATA) and many more! Contact us or call us at 205-798-9988 to learn more today.

There are a lot of compelling reasons that people become truck drivers, such as the freedom and camaraderie that can be found out on the road. Some people become truck drivers because they looked up to truckers as heroes when they were children, but most people choose to drive a truck because it is a fast-paced and exciting job. Trucking is not dull, and just like a trucker, the culture of trucking is always moving and changing. 



Many truck drivers still remember the old days of trucking: cab overs, cowboy hats, CB radios, and drivers hanging on the horn at the whim of children making the signal in passing cars. Truck drivers navigated from paper maps and crawled into tiny spaces in their trucks to sleep, but they did everything on their own schedules as long as they got where they were supposed to be on time. 

Truckers were once known as good Samaritans who were always willing to lend a helping hand to stranded four-wheelers (that’s what truckers call cars) whenever they could. They were regarded as cowboys of the road, and it was just as common for children to marvel over eighteen-wheelers as they would racecars. Truckers wore cowboy hats and plaid shirts, and they were seen as American heroes. 

The old school trucker is a dying breed, and the myth of truckers as modern-day cowboys and heroes is changing. 


Perhaps the change in perception for truck drivers was caused by pop culture phenomena, like the portrayal of evil, sentient trucks in Maximum Overdrive or like the abrasive trucker from Thelma and Louise. There was also a good bit of bad press surrounding truck drivers in the early 2000s. Many things could be to blame for the shift in our perception of truckers from cowboy heroes to pop-culture antagonists, but the truth is pretty simple – the world changed and how we get things from point A to point B changed with it. 

In today’s world of go-go-go and technological advancements, there is a lot of pressure placed on the people who deliver our goods to us every day. Thanks to technology, people are becoming more and more insistent upon instant gratification, which is why so much pressure is put on drivers to get where they are going as fast as possible.

These technological advancements haven’t been all bad. Truckers once relied solely on paper maps to get from New Jersey to California, but now they have GPS and many other technological devices to help them find their way and to help keep them on schedule. However, this means that they have a lot less time to pull over and help a stranded driver or to work on their public relations. 


Many things may have changed for truckers over the years, but a lot has stayed the same. Truckers still have conversations over CB radio and at the coffee table at the fueling station, and the trucks they drive still capture the fascination of many a young gear head. Even though truckers have been portrayed in a negative light by popular culture, the general perception of truck drivers is improving. More people realize that truck drivers are the ones responsible for getting them all of the stuff they order online from point A to point B. Also, our reliance on delivered goods means there is a high demand for good drivers these days, and this high demand means more money and more prestige for drivers. 

Today, truck drivers still find camaraderie and freedom out on the open road. Truckers may not exclusively wear cowboy hats and plaid shirts anymore, but they are still heroes who are essential to keeping America moving.


J&M Tank Lines has been a leader in transportation for 70 years in the Southeast with terminals in Alabama, Georgia, Indiana, Maryland, South Carolina, and Texas. We provide high-caliber truck driving solutions locally and nationally and partner with SmartWay, American Trucking Association (ATA) and many more! Contact us or call us at 205-798-9988 to learn more today.

Thinking about a change in career? Looking for career options without having to spend time and money on a 4-year degree? Maybe you should consider becoming a truck driver.

There are plenty of misconceptions about being a truck driver; many people think it is an undignified job or that you can’t make a lot of money — but they are sorely mistaken. Truck drivers not only serve our country by delivering the products and goods we need every day, but they also make an excellent living. Driving a truck provides a unique opportunity to see new places and to gain new experiences. Truck drivers have great stories to tell about their adventures, and they say that there is never a dull moment out over the road.

There are a lot of reasons to become a truck driver. We go over five of the best reasons to drive a truck for a living.

Truckers make a great living. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, truckers earn a median annual wage of $43,680, which is more than the median salary for all jobs, and the top 10% of truck drivers make more than $60,000 per year. You may not make a lot when you start, but after you get that first year or so of driving under your belt, you will have the experience you need to make a dependable living as a truck driver.

If you are the type of person who feels trapped working behind a desk, then you should consider becoming a truck driver. Truckers live life out over the open road and are never stuck in one place. As a truck driver, you have the opportunity to see places a lot of people don’t.

From Las Vegas to New York City, as a truck driver, you see it all. Some even travel to Canada and Mexico! There’s nothing else like the freedom and possibilities that you can find on the open road.

Trucker jobs aren’t going anywhere. According to The Washington Post, they are more in demand now than ever. A lot of people don’t realize that there is a shortage of reliable truck drivers, and many great companies are spending a lot of time and effort trying to recruit drivers with good records.

There are also more options than just long-haul. If spending weeks on end away from home isn’t your thing, you can also find truck driving jobs that are regional or locally based. There are also many different kinds of loads that truck drivers are responsible for, so no two are the same. Truck driving is definitely a job full of variety.

A college degree can be costly, and they take a lot of time to complete. If you aren’t the type of person who finds a lifetime of debt appealing, and you don’t want to spend years in school training for a career, then you will love being a truck driver.

It doesn’t take long to start making money as a truck driver, and you don’t have to go into excessive amounts of debt to get the training and experience you need. CDL training only takes a small investment and a few months to complete. Once you are done getting the training you need, you can start making money fast!

As a truck driver, you are part of a community. Many veterans become truck drivers because they find a sense of camaraderie that they miss from being in the armed services. You are never alone when you are out on the road as a truck driver because you have so many other truck drivers with whom to share your stories.

A lot of truck drivers write blogs, and some even publish books. Truck driving is a job full of interesting experiences.

A lot of people struggle to find direction as to where they want to be, the job they want to have, and the type of stories they want to tell their children. As a truck driver, you can find direction in your life, and you can find those great stories to tell from your experience out on the open road.

J&M Tank Lines has been a leader in transportation for 70 years in the Southeast with terminals in Alabama, Georgia, Indiana, Maryland, South Carolina, and Texas. We provide high-caliber truck driving solutions locally and nationally and partner with SmartWay, American Trucking Association (ATA) and many more! Contact us or call us at 205-798-9988 to learn more today.