J&M Tank Lines Sylacauga, AL Location

J&M Tank Lines Sylacauga, AL Location

1855 Sylacauga Fayetteville Highway

Sylacauga, AL 35151

Jeff Sandlin, Terminal Manager

Office 256-245-3933


For over 7 long decades, J&M Tank Lines has been leading the commercial trucking industry in the Southeast. Our team of truckers have provided a high quality and friendly service to every customer that has needed our help. This commitment to excellence and a premium value on community is why we have been able to be the premiere trucking solution in Sylacauga Alabama for this long. Providing both excellent service and trucking jobs to all the people in Sylacauga and surrounding Alabama communities, J&M Tank Lines is firmly planted.


Trucking Services We Offer In Birmingham Alabama

Commodities Transport

Food Grade Shipping

Liquid Bulk Solutions


We’re Hiring!

We are looking for people to come and join our team! If you are looking for an amazing job, we invite you to apply here.