ATA Elects Harold Sumerford, Jr. as Vice Chairman

Outgoing Chairman Kevin Burch Receives Red Jacket

ORLANDO, Fla. — American Trucking Associations’ annual conference culminated on Oct. 24 with the federation’s new chairman, Dave Manning, telling fellow members he will continue to push for greater investments in the country’s freight corridors to improve connectivity.

Promoting the industry’s contributions to safety and the economy also will top his priorities, Manning, president of Tennessee-based TCW Inc., said at the Management Conference & Exhibition. His peers and ATA members welcomed him with a standing ovation at the conference’s closing banquet.


First in ATA Fleet Safety for 2016

Alabama Trucking Association's Fleet Safety Awards for 2016

J&M Tank lines recently placed First in the Tank Division of the Alabama Trucking Association's Fleet Safety Awards for 2016. This award is based off of accident frequency for all miles traveled in the State of Alabama for the calendar year of 2016. We thank our drivers and the J&M Team that supports them to help keep Safety Number One at J&M Tank Lines. Receiving the award is Harold Sumerford, Jr., CEO.

When Safety Comes From the Top

These days there’s a lot of emphasis on hightech
safety systems such as collision mitigation, but Randy Watson is afirm believer that safety at any trucking company starts at the top.

“I’ve been doing this since 1987, and I’m a firm believer that regardless of how fancy the technology and how much money you spend, no safety program is any better or worse than the ownership allows it to be. Everyone talks the
talk, but few walk the walk.”

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J&M Tank Lines chooses Bendix safety technologies

J&M Tank Lines Inc, named Grand Champion of the 2016 Georgia Fleet Safety Awards by the Georgia Motor Trucking Association, equips its fleet of Kenworth tractors with a growing number of Bendix systems. Most recently, Birmingham AL-based J&M Tank Lines took delivery of 20 Kenworth daycab tractors equipped with Bendix’s flagship collision mitigation system, Wingman Fusion.


J&M Tank Lines, Inc. wins the GMTA Safety Award

Pictured left to right are:  Kyle Gailey Vice President of Operations, Randy Watson Vice President of Safety, and Billy Lollar Vice President of Maintenance.

J&M Tank Lines, Inc. won first place in the Tank Division category for 5-10 million miles traveled in Georgia for 2015. 

J&M also won Grand Champion in the unlimited category for all miles traveled nationally.  The awards were presented at the Annual Awards Banquet at Lake Lanier Island in Buford, GA on May 7th.  The awards were sponsored by the GMTA and Great West Casualty Company.

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Sumerford finds plenty of challenges as NTTC chairman

NTTC Publication Image | JM Tank Lines Sumerford as NTTC Chairman

For Harold Sumerford, his year as 2015/2016 chairman of National Tank Truck Carriers was anything but routine or boring.

The association and its leadership had to contend with a tidal wave of regulatory changes from the federal government, economic challenges, and more organizational changes designed to strengthen NTTC. Economic issues facing the tank truck sector included the steep drop in oil prices that idled drilling rigs across the United States. Tank truck fleets serving the oilfield suffered with the rest of the service sector.

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