In 2018, J & M Tank Lines was honored to participate in Wreaths Across America, where a J & M 2018 Kenworth T680 sleeper cab and a new dry van with special wrapping, were dedicated to the cause. Vice President of Maintenance, Billy Lollar, volunteered to drive and deliver the wreaths assigned to J & […]

There are a lot of things you will have to learn during your first year, and many drivers remember their first year as the most challenging part of their truck driving careers. Your first year will test you, but experienced drivers encourage first-year truckers to push through. It gets better! Driving a truck is like any other job; you have to pay your dues and gain experience to get where you want to be.

Are you trying to decide whether you want to drive for a trucking company or invest in your own truck? Many truck drivers struggle with this decision. We help you navigate the different questions you might have and explain why we think driving for a company like J&M  can offer more freedom than driving your own truck.  […]

Are you one of the millions of people in the U.S. who are either underemployed or can’t find a job at all? A lot of people think there is a shortage of good paying jobs in America, and you probably hear a lot about the unemployment rate. What a lot of people don’t realize is […]

BECOME A MEMBER OF OUR FAMILY Are you an experienced truck driver? Would you like less time on the road and more time with your family without sacrificing your paycheck? At J&M Tank Lines, we understand that the life of a truck driver is not an easy one. It can be a strain on the driver and their family. […]

If you’ve ever considered becoming a truck driver, there’s never been a better time to make the career move. In our growing economy, employment of heavy equipment and tractor-trailer truck drivers is projected to grow 6 percent from now until 2026. The economy depends on truck drivers to transport freight and keep supply chains moving; as the demand for […]

We have an elite team of tanker drivers at J&M. Our great drivers are what set us apart from other companies – they are why we are known as one of the top transportation companies in the Southeast. People who drive for us know that we are a family company that respects our employees and drivers and […]

TRUCK DRIVING MYTHS, DISPELLED Truck drivers are a solitary bunch, spending most of their work hours alone in the cab of an 18-wheeler. Because of this, there’s a sense of mystery around truckers and how they spend their time. Here are just a few of the myths surrounding truckers, along with the truth behind them. Truck drivers […]

It’s a privilege to be surrounded by an amazing team of drivers who work hard to keep J&M the leader in transportation in the Southeast. We wouldn’t be where we are without the talents and get-it-done spirit our drivers possess. MEET OUR DRIVERS:DANNY HEADLEY Danny Headley is one of our top drivers with years of experience in commercial […]

As a leader in transportation in the Southeast, we do more than just get from Point A to B. Our specialized truckers transport all types of shipments, including commodities transport, food grade shipping and liquid bulk solutions. We take pride in being the best at what we ship no matter the material or timeline. PROVIDING SPECIALIZED […]